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Hsaam will open top financial products to the general public

Hsaam will open top financial products to the general public

May 08
20:05 2020

The development of the Internet drives the change of global economic form, the enlargement of personal cognition, and the formation of new demand for investment products. More and more ordinary people enter the financial market.


The main participants of the Hsaam GMP financial program will be the general public. The difference between Hsaam financial solutions and ordinary financial products is that it has a more flexible contract period. At the same time, due to the innovation of Hsaam, funds are used in gold futures market and fund market at the same time. Its income is higher than that of traditional financial products.

Hsaam GMP is designed for investors from all over the world, who can invest through perfect money, payer, advcash and USDT. In the next two years, Hsaam plans to provide financial services to more than 10,000,000 investors worldwide.

In the Hsaam plan, investor funds are mainly used for gold futures arbitrage and fund arbitrage.

What is gold futures arbitrage?

Gold futures arbitrage includes currency exchange arbitrage, cross period arbitrage, cross market arbitrage and other forms.

Let’s take Tokyo and New York currency arbitrage as an example;

Tokyo gold price = New York price/31.1035 × exchange rate,

New York gold price = Tokyo gold price/exchange rate × 31.1035.

At the exchange rate of 108, Tokyo gold’s offer of 1450 yen/G is equivalent to 417.5 US dollars/oz,

New York gold $430/oz.

So we buy Tokyo gold and sell New York gold to lock in the current profit of $12.50/oz.

In this case, the profit is about 1.5%.

Due to the existence of the gold futures market region, exchange rate… The arbitrage space exists all the time.

What is fund trading arbitrage?

At present, the fund arbitrage methods in the market include arbitrage LOF fund, arbitrage closed-end fund, arbitrage fund that will resume the heavy position of stocks, arbitrage ETF fund.

We take the closed-end fund arbitrage to explain: the root of the closed-end fund arbitrage lies in the discount transaction. While there are many stocks with high market price and high price-earnings ratio in the market, closed-end funds are rare undervalued investment products. The average discount rate of short-term closed-end funds is about 10%, and the average discount rate of long-term closed-end funds is about 25%.

How can Hsaam use funds efficiently?

Hsaam combines the periodicity of fund arbitrage and the high frequency of gold futures arbitrage. When it invests the fund into the fund market to gain profits from fund trading, Hsaam obtains credit line through the joint venture with the fund as a pledge to gain profits from gold futures trading. Make the member’s fund profit through the fund market and the gold futures market at the same time.

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