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This Is How To Help A Child Get Into Medical School In Australia

This Is How To Help A Child Get Into Medical School In Australia

May 13
13:56 2020

Do you have a child in high school that wants to study Medicine?

Shanaka Jayakody, the founder of UCAT Secrets – Australia’s #1 Best UCAT Preparation Company, went from being a struggling student that failed the entire medical admissions process to winning scholarships into Medicine in the space of just 12 months.

Today he’s revealing the 5 turning points in his own journey to get into Medicine and what advice he’d give to students trying to get accepted into Medicine in the next 2-3 years.

1. Rejected from Medicine –  When I was in Year 12 I’d committed to studying as hard as possible to get into Medicine and had prepared for 2-3 hours every single night. In fact, I’d done over 10,000 practice questions and walked into my medical entrance exam (this is now called the “UCAT”) feeling prepared and ready. But I failed it. I had no idea at the time but just doing practice questions doesn’t help you improve on aptitude tests like the “UCAT”.

2. Committing To Trying Again – I was devastated after getting rejected from Medicine and committed myself to doing whatever it took to successfully try again and get in. I read hundreds of research papers, studies and literature on how the exam was created, searching for an answer on how to prepare for it. I was confused because everyone had told me that doing lots of practice questions was the key to success and yet I’d done far more practice questions than any of my friends – and totally failed the exam.

3. Uncovering The Secret – After reading over 3,000 pages of studies, literature and notes, I found it. There was a secret to how you should be preparing for medical admissions exams like the UCAT! This breakthrough changed everything for me. I wasn’t doing anymore practice questions and instead, I was trying something new.

4. Winning Scholarships Into Medicine – I took this secret I’d uncovered and prepared for the medical admissions exam for 7 months, walking into my exam with complete confidence. I knew a place into Medicine was mine.

I walked out with a score in the top 1% and was offered scholarships from virtually every single medical school in Australia.

What a difference 7 months makes!

5. Helping HUNDREDS of students get into Medicine – Pretty quickly, lots of other students heard about how I went from utterly failing the medical entrance exam and getting rejected from Medicine to scoring in the top 1% and winning scholarships into Medicine, and they wanted to know the secret behind my success.

I began tutoring students, 1 or 2 at a time at first, and the results were crazy.

The secret didn’t just work for me. It worked for anyone.

7 years later and I’ve helped hundreds of students get into Medicine, with my UCAT preparation programs being ranked as the #1 best programs in Australia by results!

If you want to see firsthand how this secret helped me score in the 99th% on the UCAT, click the link below to watch a video of me sitting the UCAT exam LIVE and scoring in the 99th% and how I use this secret to achieve this kind of success:

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