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Express One’s Heart | @Overseas Partners, FAWDE’s first masks have been shipped

Express One’s Heart | @Overseas Partners, FAWDE’s first masks have been shipped

May 19
19:42 2020
Work together to overcome difficulties

In early 2020, the sudden new type of COVID-19 spread. The Chinese nation has demonstrated unprecedented power and achieved a staged victory in the battle against the COVID-19.

But the epidemic is not over yet, in the face of disaster, the vast majority of overseas customers are still in danger. As a community of destiny, no one can stay out of the matter. The more special period, the more we cherish our overseas friends. And we will develop the friendship of the market side by side.

Return the favor with the heart

Since the outbreak of epidemic situation, partners of overseas have expressed concern and support for FAWDE by various ways. We remember and cherish this friendship. Nowadays, the grace of dripping water should be reported to each other, the safety of our partners and customers all over the world is also our concern. The mountains and rivers are in a foreign country, with mutual assistance and assistance. Liberation Power is willing to provide epidemic prevention and control support under its premise.

In order to help overseas partners to overcome difficulties together, on April 7th, the FAWDE overseas customer care and anti-epidemic material donation ceremony with the theme of “crossing the sea and connecting the cores” was held in the factory area. 15,000 supplies of anti-epidemic masks were sent to 15 countries that were severely affected by the epidemic, including Pakistan, Russia, the Philippines, Kenya, Malaysia, etc., and assisted the overseas distributors and users of Liberation Power to move forward and fight the epidemic together.

Deputy General Manager of FAWDE Business Department [Huang Nanxiang]

Assistant to General Manager of FAWDE Business Department [Zhang Zhenfeng]

FAWDE Division Party and Mass Work Department (Discipline Inspection Work Department) Minister [Wu Shugang]

FAWDE Business Department Marketing Service Department Minister [Li Qianyang]

Deputy Director of Marketing Service Department of FAWDE Business Department [Li Yan]

Deputy Director of Marketing Service Department of FAWDE Business Department [Yang Yang]

And more than 30 people including representatives of overseas market leaders participated

Across the ocean, concentric all over the world

FAWDE takes root in China and faces the world. With the trust and support of distributors, users and friends from various countries, the overseas market has achieved remarkable grades. The products have been exported to more than 40 countries. Sales have continued to rise, brand influence has continued to increase, and the road of international development has grown. The wider you walk, the farther you go. – In the quarter, FAWDE’s overseas exports reached 6,500 units, an increase of 23% year-on-year, laying a solid foundation for the business unit’s overseas market sales and an annual increase of 10%. We sincerely express our gratitude to distributors and user friends from various countries

A warm greeting is sent with the epidemic prevention materials´╝ü

We know each other far and near, but we are still neighbors Actively joining the ranks of the global epidemic, providing humanitarian support to overseas distributors, and condensing a strong joint force to overcome the epidemic. It is FAWDE’s indispensable responsibility and obligation. In the future, we will also combine the development of epidemic, continue to provide assistance to global partners, and work with you to win this epidemic prevention and control battle across five continents!

We firmly believe “Things transcend the sea, Caring and heart are connected.”

Liberation Power will work with global partners to work together help each other and start a new journey.

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