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DJs Shifting to Digital Platforms to Entertain Modern Audience Online

DJs Shifting to Digital Platforms to Entertain Modern Audience Online

June 02
20:58 2020
DJ Sam Savage establishing is own trademark in the digital world.

With the advancements in technologies, the market trends are revolutionizing with each passing day. Not just in the business and education sector, the world of entertainment is also exploring the potential of the latest tools to create a remark among the audience. As new-age listeners spend more time online, the entertainers in the music world are also switching to the internet to build a solid connection.

Gone are the days when DJs used to play music from their stored collection. Today, it is time to access everything on a real-time basis from the internet. The audience wants to listen to songs on-demand with a creative mixing style. Well, Sam Savage has proven his edge in the market with his amazing skills and unique tactics.

This 26 years old DJ was born and raised in London. Right from his childhood, he has immense love for music and started producing music when he was just 12 years old. His ability to recognize and follow beats at a very young age helped him to shape his career as a famous DJ in London. And today, he has gained recognition worldwide with his award-winning performances.

Sam Savage has an intense passion for music, and with continuous practice, he has gained genuine expertise to keep listeners hooked to his collections. He is known as a celebrity DJ and prefers to perform at mega-events and festivals in different corners of the world, including Morocco, Spain, France, Germany, and the USA.

This legend believes that the modern audience is more attracted to the technologies, and they expect the same from their favorite entertainers as well. The impact of globalization and high-speed internet has changed the trend of how people used to consume the stuff. The fresh innovations demand additional skills from DJs to keep the audience satisfied. The most amazing thing about these technologies is that it gives better options for playing across extreme ranges of tempo and rhythms. The digital systems make it easier to adjust cue points while ensuring fast mixing outcomes. Listeners cannot even recognize the change of beats while shifting between different songs; things always stay in the flow. These developments are welcomed by everyone, and Sam Savage is keen enough to grab the opportunity to go ahead with this movement.

About Sam Savage:

Sam Savage is a 26 years old award-nominated DJ in London; however, he keeps on doing shows all over the world to entertain his huge fanbase. He started his career at a young age of 12 years and became an internationally known celebrity DJ just within a few years. With his unique style and mixing technique, he has now established his own trademark in the industry.

In order to know more about Sam Savage, we recently asked a few questions from this legend:

Q. What inspired you to become a DJ at such an early age of 12 years?

A. My father was a musician in a reggae band in the 60s so was always heavily influenced by music from birth. Started off producing my own music from my computer and a keyboard I brought for £5 from a car boot sale.

Q. How, according to your experience, technologies have changed the trends in the music industry?

A. DJing has shifted dramatically from the days of lugging around vinyls club to club to conveniently having a huge collection of music stored in your laptop and being able to plug and play. With the recent pandemic DJs have managed a way to bring the artform to everyone via social media and this is thanks to technology. I think technology has elevated DJs and made DJing more accessible to even those without a music background.

Q. What are your upcoming projects for the year 2020?

A. With the current pandemic at hand its hard to plan anything for the foreseeable but prior to that I was doing a european tour called “The Brexit Tour”. At the moment I have tried my best to keep my fans entertained and in the loop with new music by uploading weekly mixes and also performing live via my instagram. Hopefully we can soon return to normal and I can plan some massive events again.

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