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Waldoo, The Platform That Will Change The Influencer Marketing Forever, By Matching Brands With Influencers Eager To Represent Them

Waldoo, The Platform That Will Change The Influencer Marketing Forever, By Matching Brands With Influencers Eager To Represent Them

July 20
12:34 2020
The next big thing in influencer marketing, Waldoo has been described as the Tinder for brands and influencers. A revolutionary platform where brands can find vetted influencers to serve as proud ambassadors today and tomorrow, Waldoo is transforming the influencer marketing industry one partnership at a time.

20 July, 2020 – Waldoo, a revolutionary mobile application and influencer marketing platform, will create a powerful new network where brands and influencers can connect. Vetting influencers in real-time, it has never been easier for brands to find their next brand ambassador as part of a strong, lasting marketing campaign. 

With Waldoo, the perfect ambassador to represent any product or service is just a few clicks away. Brands of all sizes can browse the profiles of real, vetted, and established influencers with sizeable followings, or search for influencers by age, gender, social media platform, or product and service category. After identifying an influencer, the brand can send them a direct proposal and marketing offer for their project and rest comfortably knowing Waldoo has personally vetted and reviewed the influencer under rigorous integrity standards. Submitted proposals, which include terms, dates, prices, and other details, can be promptly accepted or declined, making it easy to get started on a partnership or influencer marketing campaign in minutes. 

“This platform will forever change how brands and influencers connect,” commented Michael Barbieri, Founder of Waldoo. “By vetting brands and influencers, we make it possible to find lasting partnerships with a real-time proposal and rating system. Brands easily connect with influencers who will represent their image, product, or service to a sizeable audience, transforming a $37.71 Billion industry right before our eyes.”

An innovative new platform, Michael Barbieri founded Waldoo as a 24-year-old from New Jersey, using the pandemic to capitalize on his marketing experience by developing the next big thing for brands and influencers. Transforming the industry as we know it, Waldoo is ushering in a new era with an established, vetted community.

To learn more, please visit or @MyWaldoo on Twitter. The Waldoo application is available, and all signs up will be eligible for a free Beta download with all premium features free in three months. Only 500 influencers, and a limited number of brands, will be accepted.

To connect with Michael Barbieri, please visit @mjbarbs on Instagram.

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