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New Take on The Law of Creation – Steve and Tracy Webster’s Critically Acclaimed Book Becomes Bestseller

New Take on The Law of Creation – Steve and Tracy Webster’s Critically Acclaimed Book Becomes Bestseller

August 25
10:09 2020

Los Angeles, CA, USA – Dynamic husband-wife duo Steve and Tracy Webster has released their book, The Law of Creation: The Science Behind Manifesting Your Desires. After notable critical acclaim and positive reader testimonies, the book has now been declared a bestseller. Providing a comprehensive look at the law of creation from a purely scientific perspective, the book helps readers create a deeper understanding of the world around them. By understanding that nothing is happenstance, readers can leverage their innate knowledge to fulfill their desires and turn their life into a true embodiment of their dreams.

Steve and Tracy Webster work proactively to help people manifest their full potential and overcome their limiting barriers. While both have worked separately to rise above adversity and accomplish things in life, their methodology has been identical and now they have combined their forces in an endeavor to help a large demographic of people. During his time at university, Steve had to drop out of his studies due to financial restraints and start working. While this halted his progress temporarily, he worked effectively to earn his MBA, grew several businesses and became a bestselling author. On the other hand, Tracy faced a tough childhood with her family getting evicted. She studied Quantum Bioenergetics to create wealth and happiness in her own unique way and gracefully rose above past traumas.

The Law of Creation dissects the physics behind the laws of creation. It takes a deep dive into the why, when and how of the forces of universal creation. Steve and Tracy believe that each individual has an innate pool of knowledge. This inner reservoir can be accessed when one chooses to enlighten themselves and understand the laws that make everything happen. The book highlights 18 key laws and further provides detail on how all these laws are all connected to each other. These laws work cohesively with one another and a deep understanding of these laws can help a person understand how their circumstances are shaped and how they can be changed favorably to find sustainable growth and happiness in all aspects of life.

Steve and Tracy Webster have been happily married for 27 years and have shared many powerful experiences. Facing hardships early on in their lives, the couple has used unique techniques to overcome difficulties and create an ideal lifestyle of wealth and happiness. Together, they want to help people understand the world around them and harness its power for personal success. Steve and Tracy Webster are available for interviews.

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