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Get children potty trained easily and faster using this catchy song from Jaye Wellness

Get children potty trained easily and faster using this catchy song from Jaye Wellness

September 04
21:51 2020

Quit struggling to get your child potty trained. Use this catchy song to get your child potty trained in no time. Jameson C. Montgomery, a founder of a health and wellness company has released a catchy song that will help you potty train your child.

Jameson apart from having special knowledge in health and wellness, is a father of two children. He understands that one of the many struggles in parenting is potty training. Also being well acquainted with children and knowing that children love songs, he recognized that using music to help with potty training will make the experience much more enjoyable. That is one thing children have in common, they cant resist a good potty song!

However he faced a challenge. He searched through the internet with the hope of finding a nice potty song with a cool hip pop beat, catchy and with clean lyrics but couldn’t find any. True there a lot of nursery rhymes but they are too over-the-top and most of them are not catchy. He decided to write a potty song titled “I pull-up wearing my Pull-ups”. His technique was to mention “I am potty trained now” to serve as a replacement of hearing his voice over and over again of how he needs to potty. It serves as a way to condition him to being what he was supposed to be. That is potty trained. How brilliant! This song also helped him see potty training as a cool hip and down earth song.

Now his son is potty trained and yours can be too. This song is not only catchy but cool enough for the whole family instead of a nursery rhyme. This could be a good shot in getting your child potty trained.

So what are you waiting for? Follow this link

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