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Electric Bikes and Scooters Remain Popular but Like All Vehicles They Require Regular Servicing

Electric Bikes and Scooters Remain Popular but Like All Vehicles They Require Regular Servicing

September 23
19:30 2020

Although electric bikes and scooters remain a popular and cost-saving efficient option within Ontario and the GTA, they do require maintenance and servicing to keep performance levels high.  While these modes of transportation require less maintenance than automobiles, all electric bikes and scooters do require some regular maintenance.  Epic Cycles offers packages of maintenance on electric bikes, and scooters that are affordable for most.  There are several package choices to choose from so anyone can adjust their budget and needs accordingly.  The packages start at your “standard” package to a “pro” package, and finally an “epic” package that entails all components of maintenance and will ensure all facets of the bike or scooter are performing optimally.  It is entirely up to the client, and services then can be as basic or extensive as clients want.

Even if a maintenance package is not chosen it is possible to purchase parts and fix minor issues. 

From a flat tire to boxing, brake bleeding, front fork service, part replacement and even bike detailing, Epic Cycles is a one stop shop for all electric bike and scooter maintenance and repairs.  The reality is that if a bike or scooter is used, eventually, especially with the tires, some sort of repair or maintenance service will be needed.  To ensure safety with electric bikes, also called e-bikes, or “power-assisted bicycles, the Canadian Government has a list of rules and regulations that might include maintenance schedules just as automobiles do.  This can also apply to electric scooters and is also dependent on the rules within each province. 

Although usage does play a part in the schedule of maintenance all bikes should still be maintained.

Like automobiles, or any other vehicle, the mileage can determine when a bike needs maintenance.  The general rule is every six months, or from 750 miles to 1250 miles.  It also can depend upon the terrain where the bike is ridden as rougher terrains of course, will cause more deterioration of parts, especially the tires.  Bikes that are used for scenic rides though rougher terrain should always be on a set maintenance schedule as not all problems are readily apparent.  Some individuals use the electric bikes for a daily commute of many miles; others go on scenic outings or shopping each day, while still others only occasionally use their bikes.  This all makes a difference in a good maintenance schedule. 

While a very safe mode of transportation, without maintenance, bike safety can be impaired.

Electric bikes and scooters are relatively safe, but still must remain road worthy.  Brakes and tire pressure, as with automobiles should always be checked and inspected. These fun vehicles can save on the costs associated with automobiles but do require that services and maintenance be considered also.  Purchasing maintenance services or parts from a reputable dealer like Epic Cycles, promotes safety and can extend the life of any electric bike or scooter. 

About Epic Cycles

Epic Cycles is an electric bike and scooter supplier with many awards for quality and service.  Located in Vaughan, ON, they service this area and the GTA with both sales, service, and parts.  There is a 30-day service guarantee, a warranty on parts and service, a blog, newsletter and video for information on their offerings.  They also have an email and phone and promise 24-7 response.  An FAQ also exists.  They are open Mondays through Fridays between 10 AM and 6 PM.  They also sell accessories and give free consultations and estimates on work. 

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