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Wildfire smoke can pose serious health risks, reduces immunity against Coronavirus – Singleton Law Firm

Wildfire smoke can pose serious health risks, reduces immunity against Coronavirus – Singleton Law Firm

September 25
03:24 2020

San Diego, California – September 24, 2020 – Speak of wildfires in the USA and California and Oregon are two of the worst hit States in the country. While wildfire incidents not only burn down acres or land and wipe out thousands of flora and fauna, they also pose serious long-term health risks to the residents. Leading law firm Singleton Law Firm has even stressed that wildfire smoke can drastically reduce immunity against Coronavirus.

“The recent wildfire accidents have led to the highest spike in PM2.5 levels ever since monitoring started in the 1990s. While we are not directly threatened by the blazing flames of wildfire, it’s the smoke which reaches to every corner of the State. As per the health experts, wildfire smoke exposes us to severe risks of several ailments, especially respiratory issues. In fact, scientists have even suspected that such heavy smoke has affected people’s immunity system big time, making them extremely vulnerable to the COVID-19 symptoms”, stated Jerry Singleton, the founder of Singleton Law Firm.

PM2.5 and health issues arising from wildfire smoke

The PM2.5 is the most dangerous ingredient in the wildfire smoke. They are extremely minute particles that gets deep inside lungs (as the smoke level rises up) and streams into bloodstream, leaving people susceptible to several health conditions.

Health officials are concerned over both the short-term and long-term health issues caused by wildfire smoke. 

In regards to short-term issues, these microscopic particles can cause irritation to nose, eye and throat, resulting in coughs, breathing troubles or flu-like symptoms even for otherwise healthy individuals.  These issues might not last for days but could be dangerous especially for a certain group of people, such as, pregnant women, the elderly, outdoor workers and young kids. People suffering from chronic health ailments like heart disease, lung problems and asthma are the worst hit.

In regards to long-term effects, wildfire smoke can make people vulnerable to diseases like cardiac complications or even lung cancer.

Concerns over COVID-19 risks

Concerns over COVID-19 risks stem from major research studies that have pointed out that polluted air makes individuals extremely susceptible to similar respiratory issues like pneumonia. Scientists suspect the same problem is happening with COVID-19 issue. 

“Wildfire smoke can leave you with dangerous health issues and some of them could lead to long-term complications as well. Thus, wildfire victims have every right to seek legal redressal in the court of law. If you have been a victim of the recent wildfire accidents count on us for your one-stop portal for legal defense”, added in Mr. Singleton.

“We have been working on fire accidents for long and have helped many fire victims attain their deserved compensation over the years. We hold the experience and knowledge needed to put up a powerful defense on behalf of the victims in the court of law. We will be by your side right from the start till the final stage and we won’t charge a penny unless you receive your deserved compensation.”

If you have been a victim of wildfires like Kincade Fire, Santiam Fire, Holiday Farm Fire or Woolsey Fire, contact Singleton Law Firm at 619-771-3473.

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