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Diib®: Helping Businesses Enhance Their SEO

Diib®: Helping Businesses Enhance Their SEO

November 19
08:00 2020
Helping businesses thrive with an easy-to-understand search engine optimization SaaS platform.

Running a business is not easy, especially in this digital age and even more-so after COVID-19 impacted so many businesses globally in 2020. With so much on their plates, business owners both large and small are overwhelmingly turning to SEO–the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website on search engines like Google.

But for a business to benefit from SEO, owners need to understand how to capitalize on its potential. To help businesses learn what SEO is at its core and how companies can take advantage of it, Daniel Urrman created Diib (pronounced dib), a platform that makes SEO understandable to everyone.


Diib is designed to make SEO understandable and simple for business owners who may not know much about SEO. Their easy-to-use platform consists of five components: Diib Dashboard, Diib Answer Engine™, Diib website analytics, Diib Library, and Diib Tracker. Through Diib, businesses can easily implement improvements to their website and improve their SEO.

What do those features actually do? First, a website scanner analyzes a website and provides customized objectives that offer simple tasks to optimize website performance. There are also alerts that give critical data on Domain Authority other technical SEO issues. Keyword, backlink, and indexing monitoring and tracking tools help expand keyword lists to help find more keywords to rank for. Diib also provides annual revenue growth projections that predict how much additional revenue can be generated from improvements to user experience, mobile speed optimization, improved bounce rate and CTR monitoring ane repair, social media integration and performance, and a broken backlink alert and repair prompt (404 checker).

Diib does the hard work and presents metrics and suggestions that are easy to understand and implement. No more sleepless nights spent staring at the computer screen, struggling to understand metrics. Whether a business owns or manages multiple sites, or just one, Diib will be a game changer. Diib also provides a team of growth experts with decades of experience to help explain how it all works every step of the way or simply do all of the work in-house at Diib.


Diib’s services are not limited to a specific type of business. They believe every business with a website can benefit from the Diib platform. While the services provided by the software platform are free, a Pro Subscription for $29.99/month provides exclusive access to a full growth plan, social media analytics, 24/7 access to growth experts, and the entire platform.

Diib’s SEO reporting feature adds to the overall convenience it offers to its users. From keywords to search engine indexing, and backlinks to domain health, these reports provide valuable insights into online business performance. More than 250,000 companies from across the globe have acquired a top rank on search engine results pages (SERPs) through Diib.

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