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People Should Learn How to Prevent and Treat Heart Disease

People Should Learn How to Prevent and Treat Heart Disease

December 02
23:36 2020
People Should Learn How to Prevent and Treat Heart Disease

When it comes to heart disease, most people believe it is something that happens to other people. After all, many people reason they feel fine. What’s to worry about? Many men believe that they are too young to have heart disease. And, many women believe that being a woman prevents them from getting it.

Both are wrong. For both men and women, heart disease is the number-one killer of Americans. And not only does heart disease affect people as they get older, but it also strikes people in middle-age. Fortunately, the differences between those who succumb to the disease and who live a long life could have only one difference: Carolina Cardiology Associates, where providing good cardiac health is why they are in business. Want to know how to prevent heart disease and how it is treated? Read on. 

What is Heart Disease?

Heart disease happens when plaque builds up on the inner walls of arteries, hardening and narrowing them and restricting blood going to the heart. Plaque is an accumulation of cholesterol, fat, and other substances. When blood, which is filled with oxygen and other vital nutrients can’t get to the heart, heart disease begins. A heart attack happens when the buildup of plaque completely blocks an artery. Heart attacks can cause permanent damage to the heart muscle.

How Is Heart Disease Treated?

Many people don’t concern themselves with heart disease since they think surgery, such as a bypass or angioplasty, will “cure” the problem. Again, the answer to this issue is yes and no. Heart disease can indeed be treated, but it cannot be cured. Once a person has heart disease, they will have it for the remainder of their life. Obtain further information about this at

Procedures such as a heart bypass and angioplasty will restore significantly greater blood flow to the heart, but the arteries are still damaged. This makes the likelihood of a heart attack much greater in the future. Further, the condition of the arteries is likely to worsen if a person does not take corrective action by making lifestyle changes. Many people either die of heart disease or become permanently disabled, so corrective action must be taken as soon as possible.  

Besides surgery, a doctor might prescribe certain medications that will help in the treatment of heart disease. These include medications that help to treat conditions such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The most important thing that a patient can do for themselves, however, is to change their lifestyle. This means eating healthier, losing weight, and getting plenty of exercise.

A Course to a Healthy Future

It might be true that once a person has heart disease they will always have it, but that doesn’t preclude someone from enjoying a long and happy life. Once a person has heart disease, they must be under the care of a good cardiologist, take the medications they are prescribed, and continually monitor their lifestyle and abide by their doctor’s recommendations.  

Heart disease is much like many other health problems: they can be lived with. Once a person has heart disease, it is important they continually monitor the condition and act quickly to prevent it from deteriorating and causing future problems.

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