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The Team Momentum and the Extraordinary Sales Steps Changing Things for Women

The Team Momentum and the Extraordinary Sales Steps Changing Things for Women

December 11
01:42 2020
The Team Momentum and the Extraordinary Sales Steps Changing Things for Women

The Team Momentum is a female empowerment & business coaching company for coaches and online service-based businesses. Alexandra Rene, the founder, and CEO, has developed a system based on the acronym S.A.L.E.S, which she recommends to clients who are mainly online service-based business owners and coaches.

Before she went on to establish The Team Momentum, Alexandra Rene was not the most astute salesperson. At her job, she almost got fired because she was not making enough sales. The failure to do the job she was getting paid for was all the motivation she needed to do something about her situation. Her college degree, countless formal corporate training, and years of sales experience did not make her a good salesperson. She shared, “I knew what selling was, but I never learned how to sell. All I knew was how to take directions and be an employee, so I could get a promotion from time to time.”

When she realized that she truly was a bad salesperson, she took it upon herself to do something about it and turn her career around. She took up reading and learning all about selling. She sought out professional mentors and signed up for various sales training programs. Today, she is now a teacher to many others aspiring to become outstanding salespersons.

Alexandra Rene is committed to teaching other people how to do the same and achieve financial freedom. “No one should ever tell you that you can’t, you’re not good enough, or you will never achieve your dreams. Every goal is possible, and every dream is achievable with the right work ethic and the right plan,” she says.

The 5 Steps to the S.A.L.E.S system that Alexandra Rene teaches is: Signature Offer, Analysis of the Market, Lead Generation, Education & Enlightenment, and Scale. Alexandra walks her clients through these steps to help them revamp their businesses, identify the weak points, and put the business in the position to scale and make consistent revenue. 

Alexandra is currently focusing on women running coaching, consulting, or other service-based businesses who are either just starting their business or looking to make the transition from solopreneur to entrepreneur. From her experience, many businesswomen have not had any formal sales experience and even making minor tweaks to their business today can result in a major impact to their bottom line revenue.

The Team Momentum operates differently from many business consultants or strategists. It is common to find consultants pushing business owners to sign up for an online course or build a fancy website or post consistently on social media. Alexandra does not believe in any of that. Her system emphasizes the importance of providing value and letting clients know how a business can make their life better. “Providing value for their ideal clients does not only help their business to grow but also helps them get better results for their own clients instead of focusing on vanity metrics.”

Her goal is to build the next crop of women entrepreneurs who are financially independent and can run a business to full profitability. She also wants the formal education system to be revamped so that students can gain the skills they need to survive in the world.

Learn more about The Team Momentum and Alexandra Rene on the official website.

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