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New novel based on a true story “The Stars Never Go Out” by Azad Fazeli is released, a love story set in Iran that follows a separated couple through challenges, sickness, and political turmoil

New novel based on a true story “The Stars Never Go Out” by Azad Fazeli is released, a love story set in Iran that follows a separated couple through challenges, sickness, and political turmoil

December 30
15:12 2020

“The Starts Never Go Out” by Azad Fazeli has been released worldwide. This 330-page novel, based on real events in the author’s life, tells a heart wrenching tale of loves pulled apart by factors beyond their control. As the political climate of Iran changes, ideology makes the country dangerous for a young professor. As he’s forced to flee to save his life, the struggles of his blossoming family are only beginning. 

The Stars Never Go Out (ISBN: 9781735818658) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The paperback retails for $14.99. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram. 

From the back cover:

Milad, a young Iranian Professor with anti-revolutionary ideals, falls for Yekta during a modern, progressive period in Iran’s history. As their love deepens, so does the turmoil in their homeland; shortly after Milad and Yekta unofficially marry, Milad is arrested for spreading criticisms of Islam and must flee Iran, or else he will be executed.

In addition, Milad has prostate cancer, and Yekta discovers that she is pregnant with his child shortly after he leaves. Separated by distance, politics and health, the lovers must survive apart while their hearts pine for one another without end. Even after Milad is cured and Yekta gives birth to a healthy baby girl, they must remain apart, searching for meaning in a world where women and dissidents are so fiercely oppressed that it seems that they will never reunite. Will Milad ever be able to return to his wife and child, who he left in Iran? Will conditions ever improve in Iran? Can either partner find peace without their other half? 

“This story comes from true experiences that my loved ones and I lived through in Iran. I put them together to tell their stories and give the Western world a glimpse of just how bad the human rights abuses were during that time. The human rights abuses have not changed to this day in Iran.”

About the author

Born October 26, 1939 in Yazd, Iran, Azad Fazeli is an American with origin from Iran.

Azad was always aspired to write since his teen hood years, and continue periodically writing stories while growing up, and he loved to read books as well. He read Doctor Zhivago, Rebecca, Jean Christophe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Daddy-Long-legs and Meditation De Boutique, the poetry of Alphonse de Lamartine, at the age of fifteen. He wrote an essay with the title Poverty and Ambition when he was sixteen and awarded the literature prize of his hometown. 

After high school Azad was admitted to the University of Karlsruhe Germany. While studying, he never forgot to write in his free time. 

Azad received his Master Degree in civil engineering from University Karlsruhe, and went back to Iran and married. 

He worked for famous construction firms for three years, and then he established his own constructions company, and he became a wealthy man in Iran. 

In February 1979 Khomeini came to power in Iran all of his assets were taken away from the regime and even was held at gunpoint by the regime. Azad escaped from his homeland with his wife and their two children, and finally he settled his family in the State of Washington. 

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