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The Gypsy Sister Inspires and Empowers Women to Be Bold

The Gypsy Sister Inspires and Empowers Women to Be Bold

January 18
15:06 2021
The Gypsy Sister Inspires and Empowers Women to Be Bold

If there is one thing that makes The Gypsy Sister, Inc. thrive day to day, it is the company’s commitment to motivate women of all ages to try out new things and not be apologetic for it. At a time when more and more women are given promising opportunities to express themselves, The Gypsy Sister is at the forefront, encouraging and cheering on modern-day women to pursue their dreams, take control of their lives, fulfill their destiny, and make a positive impact in the world. 

The company is founded by entrepreneur, influencer, writer, and globe-trotting photographer, Kelly Lynn. She is best known for her inner positivity, her unmatched self-confidence, and her ability to motivate women. As someone who is daring enough to step out of her comfort zone to try new adventures, Kelly Lynn confidently conquered social media with her entertaining content and bold statements. The rising entrepreneur is a proud mother and grandmother to her toddler grandson, who lives with her full-time. Spending time with her family, apart from growing her personal brand, is something that she likes doing day in and out. 

“Some of my influence does come from my sex appeal, but not in the cliche industry-standard way, but in my unique niche as a woman of multi-facets: corporate businesswomen, grandma on a full-time kinship caregiving journey, world traveler, confident feminista, and tattooed cutie,” Kelly Lynn shares. 

The motivation behind the creation of The Gypsy Sister was simply its owner’s desire to be able to express her creative side freely. While she enjoys working in the corporate sector, Kelly Lynn is convinced that there is more in store for her as an entrepreneur and influencer. At present, she is focusing most of her energy on launching The Gypsy Sister bikini line, one that is specially designed for curvy women who want to be able to celebrate their bodies. 

While the future guarantees nothing and is promised to no one, Kelly Lynn chooses to envision the good that she can do to strengthen her brand and reach out to more women. In the next few months, she looks forward to partnering with promising brands, launching two courses, and her new podcast, Only Friends. Her podcast is made possible through a partnership with Mike Fauerbach, longtime friend, and the owner of Never Again Studios. She is also on the lookout for a potential partner company to create her own bikini line. Inspired by her dream of living her life in a bikini bro. 

Influencing, inspiring, and empowering women to take full control of their lives is something that Kelly Lynn sees herself doing long-term. By sharing her insights and personal life experiences, she hopes to see more women step out of the shadows and realize their full potential. In doing this, she hopes to raise a new generation of confident women, unafraid to speak up and conquer the world. 

Learn more about The Gypsy Sister by visiting her website and following her on Instagram @thegypsysister.

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