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4Ocean Points to Harmful Impact Pandemic is Having on the Pollution of the World’s Oceans

4Ocean Points to Harmful Impact Pandemic is Having on the Pollution of the World’s Oceans

February 16
03:18 2021
Coronavirus has been a shock to people’s lives across the world. Unfortunately, it has a dreadful impact on the oceans from the increase in plastic and other waste from mainstream PPE products.

February 15, 2021 – It’s hardly a surprise for most people; their main concern during the pandemic has been to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy. Along with the need to socially distance, a vital part of the most agreed on measures has been to use the correct Personal Protective Equipment (masks and sometimes gloves) daily. Unfortunately, this has led to another increasing danger.

Environmentally focused company 4Ocean pointed to the terrible effects the pandemic has had on the oceans by skyrocketing pollution, from PPE waste. 4Ocean is working hard to provide solutions in this area that offer quality PPE products and help protect the ocean and solve the plastic crisis.

“This is a very challenging situation we are all facing together,” commented a spokesperson from 4Ocean. “But we can help stop the spread of the pandemic while still protecting and helping clean the ocean. The need for more people to understand this tragic problem and then to make the right, more green, PPE and other choices are clear.”

According to current data, pre-pandemic the oceans faced the challenge of eight million metric tons of plastic waste each year. While many thought the slowing down or stopping of mass travel would benefit this area, this has turned out to be an example of wishful thinking. Whatever carbon emission reductions have been seen have been seriously overwhelmed by the addition of, at least, global use of 129 billion face masks and 65 billion gloves every month, which has a dreadful impact on the environment in general and on oceans in particular.

On top of this, the oil market collapse due to the pandemic has dramatically cut plastic’s cost. This has been a strong motivator for companies to produce more and more plastic products, despite its dangers for the world eco-system and environment.

Fortunately, some positive actions are quite possible. 4Ocean offer a selection of quality PPE and other products, including Reusable Face Masks, Reusable Stainless Steel Cups, and Special Face Mask Support Frames. Remarkably, for each product sold 4Ocean pulls a pound of trash from the ocean, a clear commitment to helping make the world a better place from two directions at once: by providing more innovative, more green products on the one hand, while helping clean trash from the ocean with the other.

So far, 4Ocean has helped over 13 million pounds of trash be recovered. A stunning amount, thanks to the help of the company’s vision and committed customers.

Awareness is vital, and the company hopes that fellow lovers of the ocean and a healthy world will help spread the word that smarter PPE choices are out there.

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