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Startup Masterclass to Train the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Startup Masterclass to Train the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

April 02
00:57 2021
Millennials and Gen Z are flocking to Startup Masterclass to help fast-track the necessary skills to succeed in entrepreneurship.

The United States is experiencing a new wave of young entrepreneurs unlike any other time in history. According to two recent studies by Forbes and the AICPA, over 62% of Millennials and over 50% of Gen Z respectively expect to launch their own business or are actively pursuing entrepreneurship.

Not only is entrepreneurship more popular than ever, but young people are pursuing it at unprecedented rates. A BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report revealed that the average age for a new entrepreneur is about 27 years old — nearly 10 years younger than the baby boomer generation. Entrepreneurs are overwhelmingly younger, launching earlier, and creating businesses at twice the rate of prior generations.

Startup Masterclass has emerged as a forerunner in helping young entrepreneurs learn the skills and the ways of entrepreneurship through a series of affordable e-courses. These sessions teach the tactical essentials for how to develop business ideas that attract customers, compete in the marketplace, and make money — all without needing investors.

The lack of investors is a distinguishing difference between Startup Masterclass and most other resources on entrepreneurship which heavily emphasize raising money from venture capitalists.

Eric Knopf, the primary instructor for Startup Masterclass asserts, “So much of what is taught about entrepreneurship expects founders to raise capital from investors. It’s just impractical for many entrepreneurs today.” He continued, “For the vast majority of new entrepreneurs, it’s more important to learn how to create ideas that win customers rather than write business plans that win investors.”

All Startup Masterclass courses are designed to teach frequently overlooked real-world skills required to succeed as an entrepreneur. For instance, one course coaches students on how to find, develop, and refine good business ideas before going to market. Other courses clarify how to win customers from competitors and how to understand consumer purchasing behavior.

One additional dynamic about today’s younger entrepreneurs is their consumption of online tutorials coupled with their aversion to debt. A TD Ameritrade survey found 89% of Gen Z and 79% of millennials considered different academic trajectories to attending college upon high school graduation. The e-course format offered by Startup Masterclass appeals to those seeking an affordable way to learn entrepreneurship without the high cost nor trappings of student debt.

Startup Masterclass leads the field as one of the most cost-effective alternatives to learning entrepreneurship compared to bootcamps and incubators topping $15,000-$20,000. A single course on Startup Masterclass costs as low as $39 with access to all courses for about $99.

Knopf concludes that Startup Masterclass aims to benefit all possible entrepreneurs regardless of size and industry. “From taco stands to tech companies, inventing new products, to launching non-profits and everything in between — We help everyone learn the essentials for launching a successful venture.”

Interested individuals can learn more about Startup Masterclass at

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