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Webinar Recording Available: Engineering Strategies for Improving Adoptive T Cell Therapy Against Cancer

Webinar Recording Available: Engineering Strategies for Improving Adoptive T Cell Therapy Against Cancer

September 29
05:00 2022
Creative Biolabs updated the CAR T/NK cell therapy webinar series with inviting Dr. Melita Irving to share on the topic “Engineering Strategies for Improving Adoptive T Cell Therapy Against Cancer”, and now the on-demand recording is available free to watch.

New York, USA – September 28, 2022 – Cell therapy is recognized as a promising, rapidly advancing field with the potential to transform medicine across disease areas where significant need exists. Among the dedicated scientists around the world, Dr. Melita Irving from the Department of Oncology UNIL CHUV, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research focuses on the development of tumor-directed TCR- and CAR T cells that are programmed to logically respond to microenvironmental cues or/and small molecule administration for maximized function, fitness and safety.

Thinking highly of the unleashed potential of TCR- and CAR T cells, Creative Biolabs has long been working on one-stop services and products in this field and has been devoted to creating a free platform for worldwide scientists from academia and industry to discuss the current development and future directions of these powerful cells.

In August 2022, Creative Biolabs invited Dr. Melita to share the latest findings of her research team on an innovative CAR design. The subject of this webinar is “Engineering Strategies for Improving Adoptive T Cell Therapy Against Cancer“, and during this event, Dr. Melita discussed the use of syngeneic tumor models to evaluate the ability of co-engineered murine CAR T cells to reprogram the tumor microenvironment and boost T cell function, the use of low-doses of irradiation to inflame cold tumors and render them responsive to rational combinatorial immunotherapy, and the novel STOP-CAR to integrate efficacy and safety directly into chimeric antigen receptor design.

Taking this opportunity, Creative Biolabs would like to express thanks to Dr. Melita for the wonderful presentation and all the audience for raising great questions during the Q&A session, making this webinar a big success. Now, the webinar recording is available to view on-demand for every visitor.

“When you’re busy in the lab, finding the time to stay up to date with the latest research can be challenging. So we launch this platform to all scientists, hoping to share some recent developments on CAR-T therapy and showcase success stories to help navigate your key challenges in this field. This webinar platform will always be free to all and we welcome all researchers to register for new webinars and build a connection with us or the speaker we will invite,” said Bella Smith, the Business Development Executive.

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