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AMG Group is committed in building a world Decentralized Asset Management In this turbulent economy

AMG Group is committed in building a world Decentralized Asset Management In this turbulent economy

September 29
05:58 2022

The economic landscape may seem dire at the moment, but it’s unlikely to affect blockchain development, according to AMG Group CEO Jay H. – the venture capitalist said that he believes blockchain technology will perform based on its own fundamentals, regardless of the conditions indicated by traditional risk metrics.

As Jay H. suggested, Web 3.0 makes us closer to a decentralized future. The AMGDAO ecosystem is striving in multiple fields such as marketing, technology, and asset liquidity to democratize finance and foster a better environment for asset management in Web 3.0.

Jay believes that Web 3.0 can make a difference to the asset management industry’s transparency, decentralization, scalability as well as supporting charity. Although Web 3.0 still needs to overcome obstacles including government regulation and the lack of public consensus, he holds firm that the future belongs to digitalization. The scale of virtual assets has expanded exponentially over the past decade, and such rapid growth will not slow down in the future.

“Like any disruptive thing, like Apple or Amazon stock, there are short periods of time where it’s correlated with the S&P 500 or whatever risk metric you want to use. But over the last 20 years, it’s done its own thing. And that’s what I think will happen with blockchain over the next ten years or whatever, it’s going to do its own thing based on its own fundamentals.”

For example: the crypto exchange FTX does not seem to be affected by this problem. The company has reportedly engaged in talks with investors to raise $1 billion in new funding to finance additional acquisitions during the bear market. FTX’s investment arm announced earlier this month that it had acquired a 30% stake in asset management firm SkyBridge Capital for an undisclosed amount, and the Canadian crypto platform Bitvo was purchased by FTX in June.

For smart investors who understand how to approach the nuances of the space, however, there is an abundance of opportunity in crypto and the asset class has a consistently improving track record.

“We’re excited building what’s next. We’ve been very focused on Decentralized Asset Management the last few years, it’s building a parallel financial system. AMGDAO will launch a new Decentralized Asset Management project this Oct 2022 globally.

“We have a couple hundred million people using blockchain. There’s a lot of really decentralized asset management projects, and there still are a lot of opportunities in the scalability sector,” he added.

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AMG Group.  is a global asset management company with equity investments in leading boutique investment management firms. AMG’s strategy is to generate shareholder value through the growth of existing Affiliates. AMG’s offer over 550 investment products across a broad array of active, alpha-oriented strategies, to institutional and retail clients around the world.

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