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Tod-Z Advisor is designed to be every Part-Timer & freelancer’s best friend; this bias-free AI-powered guidance and advisory tool helps determine a fair hourly price.

Tod-Z Advisor is designed to be every Part-Timer & freelancer’s best friend; this bias-free AI-powered guidance and advisory tool helps determine a fair hourly price.

March 07
00:33 2023
Tod-Z advisor is an AI-backed, non-discriminatory guidance and advisory system for freelancers which assesses their portfolio to determine a fair charging rate.

The Tod-Z Advisor 

Tod-Z has used extensive marketplace experience to launch an innovative service for freelancers. The Tod-Z Advisor is for those who are just starting out, students looking for some remote work, those who seem stuck and need to develop their skills further, or freelancers looking to tap into the international market. 

After signing up, Tod-Z takes an AI-Personality Assessment followed by an assessment report. Having passed the personality test, it administers the AI-Technical Assessment. Once an individual clears both the assessment reports, the AI will determine their pay rate based on portfolio, skills, and experience.

Through their platform, Tod-Z aspires to provide freelancers with an all-inclusive and non-discriminatory guidance to further their careers, expand their skill sets and avoid exploitation by knowing the standard market prices. 

Services offered by Tod-Z

Tod-Z has been designed to function as a full ecosystem built on AI where freelancers can find out their fair rate per hour and acquire new projects through their marketplace.

Tod-Z provides two separate services aimed at different target audiences. Tod-Z Advisor is an advisory tool for novice freelancers or for those who seem to be stuck and need to develop their skills further. This includes AI-mediated Personality and Technical assessments.

Tod-Z Marketplace is for individuals who have successfully passed the AI-administered assessments and are looking for new projects. By putting all their freelancers through an extensive screening process involving behavioral and technical assessment and an online interview, the agency provides businesses with quality freelancers who are best suited to the job.

Anti Discrimination Policy

Following the Tod-Z Anti-Discrimination Behavior policy, the Tod-Z advisor promotes skillful talent regardless ofthe gender, nationality, or color of the applicant. 

Tod-Z ensures that everyone using the platform is treated fairly and equally by the user remaining anonymous while conducting projects on the marketplace. All rates and assigned projects are based on an individual’s assessment scores and are entirely anti-bias, which is true for both Tod-Z Advisor and Marketplace.

Tod-Z issues an ID to both the talent and the project owner that only displays data about work and productivity.

Secured payment procedure

Users need not worry about data breaches as Tod-Z offers a secure payment gateway for their clients using the best third-party software. All of the payments for Tod-Z Advisor are secured by Paypal, while Tod-Z Marketplace uses MangoPay.PayPal and MangoPay ensure maximum data protection using encryption, two-factor authentication, verification, and fraud detection. 


The Tod-Z advisor platform is a complete 360 guidance solution and covers all bases. It provides guidance and support to novice freelancers and helps them improve their skills while also providing freelancers with the necessary skills to acquire new jobs based on their scores and availability. 

The AI-powered Tod-Z advisor platform considers freelancers’ skills and experience. Their bias-free AI software also assesses behavioral and technical skills before calculating a fair per-hour rate. 

For further information or queries, Tod-Z Advisor can be contacted via the details provided below. 

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