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Profitability in Sight for Robotic Security Device Maker as Sales Continue to Grow in a Range of Commercial Applications: Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (Stock Symbol: AITX)

Profitability in Sight for Robotic Security Device Maker as Sales Continue to Grow in a Range of Commercial Applications: Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (Stock Symbol: AITX)

May 08
22:45 2023
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Solutions for Industry, Schools & Government.  
  • New GPT Powered Solutions for Investor Relations, Sales Support, and Technical Assistance Launched. 
  • Cost Cutting Puts Company On-Track for Profitability in Next 8 to 14 Months.
  • New AI-Based Analytic Providing Enhanced Tracking of Vehicles and Humans. 
  • RIO Product Performance Exceeds Expectations Becoming Best Selling Device. 

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions(OTC: AITX) is an innovator in the delivery of artificial intelligence-based solutions that empower organizations to gain new insight, solve complex challenges, and fuel new business ideas. Through its next-generation robotic product offerings, the AITX RAD, RAD-M, and RAD-G companies help organizations streamline operations, increase ROI, and strengthen their business. 

AITX technology improves the simplicity and economics of patrolling and guard services and allows experienced personnel to focus on more strategic tasks. Customers augment the capabilities of existing staff and gain higher levels of situational awareness, all at a drastically reduced cost. AITX solutions are well suited for use in multiple industries such as enterprises, government, transportation, critical infrastructure, education, and healthcare. 

Video presentations of AITX advancements in AI and Robotics are available via YouTube.  

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Launch of Three Innovative GPT Powered Solutions for Investor Relations, Sales Support, and Technical Assistance

On May 4th AITX announced plans to launch three GPT-powered tools. Designed to enhance investor relations, sales engagement, and technical troubleshooting, these new applications are expected to improve the speed and quality of interactions between AITX and its stakeholders, clients, and partners.

GPT, short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a powerful AI language model developed by OpenAI. GPT-4, the latest version, is known for its exceptional ability to understand and generate human-like text, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

The AITX three GPT-powered solutions are as follows:

Advanced Investor Relations (AIR): This state-of-the-art AI-driven platform will transform the way AITX communicates with investors. By leveraging GPT technology, AIR will provide instant, personalized responses to investor queries, improving transparency and engagement.

Sales and Prospect Aid (SPA): SPA will offer an intelligent, AI-assisted platform for RAD’s sales team, accelerating the sales process and enhancing customer relationships using existing resources. By providing real-time support and tailored solutions, SPA could empower AITX sales representatives to close deals more efficiently and effectively.

Technical Troubleshooting and Support (TTS): TTS is a powerful AI-driven technical assistance platform designed to provide instant, accurate solutions to the technical challenges that AITX clients may face. With TTS, AITX aims to minimize downtime and maximize productivity for its clients. AITX expects full deployment of the GPT tools by the end of June 2023.

Progress in Closing the Gap on the Path to Profitability

On May 3rd AITX announced additional steps on the path to achieving potential profitability.

AITX revealed a set of measures on April 5, 2023, aimed at cutting expenses by up to $200,000 each month. The initiatives announced are expected to save AITX up to an additional $100,000 per month. The cost savings are based on eliminating 11 full-time equivalent team members.

AITX CEO, Steve Reinharz, conducted a Company-wide town hall meeting on May 1st, 2023, during which he announced initiatives for RIO™ version 2, a refocus on mobility solutions, and price changes as operational tuning continues. These items will be announced in greater detail in the coming weeks. Reinharz expects that these actions, combined with those previously announced, along a strong AITX sales funnel will result in monthly profitability within the next 8 to 14 months. 

AITX Contracted to Supply Robots to Major Network TV Series

On May 2nd AITX announced a contract to furnish several of its robots to appear in a high-profile, major television network series.

“Our amazing robotic technology has once again caught the attention of Hollywood productions,” said Steve Reinharz, CEO of AITX and RAD. “Three upcoming movies, including the highly anticipated Blue Beetle, are featuring a variety of AITX ROAMEO, ROSA and SCOT, but this production stands to far surpass all others.”

The prime-time television series, due for release in early June 2023, will feature several AITX robots interacting with cast members. The popular television network typically receives 3.5 – 5 million US viewers during the program’s anticipated prime-time schedule. AITX expects international distribution of the series which could greatly expand viewership.

Exclusive AI-Powered Tracking Feature

On April 27th AITX released a new AI-based analytic providing enhanced tracking of vehicles and humans. This unique analytic is being added to the list of provisional patent applications AITX plans on filing in the near future. Analytics refers to the process of identifying, interpreting, and communicating significant or meaningful patterns of collected data.

This new analytic solves two challenges important to end users and security operations centers, specifically the reduction of false positive alarms, and the introduction of advanced functionality that can be used to detect stolen cars, new vehicles, and persons entering spaces with existing cars and persons. AITX believes that an analytic with this functionality does not exist in the marketplace, although it may.AITX noted that this tracking functionality has been successfully tested at several client locations across the US and is now being made available to all subscribed clients. 

Tracking is part of a suite of internally developed AI analytics which includes human detection, vehicle detection, license plate recognition, and firearm detection. Tracking is included with a subscription to any AITX device, including RAD’s top-selling solution ROSA™ (Responsive Observation Security Agent).

RIO a Runaway Success; Performance Exceeds Expectations

On April 26th AITX provided an update of the initial deployment successes of RIO™ (ROSA Independent Observation).

The AITX RIO was announced at a security industry trade show in September of 2022. Subsequently, AITX announced, ‘RIO Mini’, and now the Company is preparing production for its RIO ‘v2’ iteration.

AITX announced that 25 RIO units have been ordered for immediate deployment, of which 10 RIO units have been ordered by GXO. In February of 2023, GXO was identified as RAD’s largest client. Nine units are in the process of deployment, five are fully deployed and the balance is in the final stages of production and will be deployed upon completion.

The AITX RIO offers the marketplace two important benefits. The first is the performance of ROSA devices. Covered thoroughly at ROSA 3.x Responsive Observation Security Agent | Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) (, ROSA is an award-winning and best-selling AITX device. The second critical differentiator is value pricing. RIO’s pricing competes favorably against the leading solar tower manufacturers.

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