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N/VISNIUM AI says, AI Start-Ups and Venture Capital Are a Match made in Heaven.

N/VISNIUM AI says, AI Start-Ups and Venture Capital Are a Match made in Heaven.

May 11
18:21 2023
There is a mad rush of venture capital companies trying to find suitable AI related companies to invest in.

Earlier this year, four renowned researchers in the field of artificial intelligence departed from Google to create a startup named Mobius AI. Although they were not certain about the specifics of their product, they envisaged developing AI technology that could create its own images and videos. Within a week two prominent venture capital firms in Silicon Valley extended a funding proposal. When the news of the offers broke, it created a frenzy of interest from other investors who were basically begging Mobius to take their money.

Milton Arch, CEO for N/VISNIUM AI says, “there is a gold rush of venture capital being poured into start-ups and companies integrating AI into their core business”. N/VISNIUM AI is a cutting-edge AI company that makes start-ups and companies attractive for venture capital funding. Their skilled analysts create exciting AI applications for start-ups and businesses that open doors to the capital markets. N/VISNIUM AI’s AI Application and development services transform companies in ways owners may have not imagined.

There is a funding war going on ever since ChatGPT flexed its muscles and showed the world all that AI is capable of. Even bank failures, inflation and economic uncertainty are not slowing down that mad rush of investing into AI companies and AI related companies. “There are simply not enough companies embracing AI to invest in, and that is what is creating the frenzy of AI investors,” says Arch.

As per a recent report from CB Insights, the investment in generative AI startups reached an all-time high in 2022, with investors contributing over $2.6 billion across 110 deals. Major tech giants, including Microsoft and Google, invested heavily in this field, with Microsoft investing $10 billion in OpenAI in January and Google investing $300 million in Anthropic, a generative AI rival to OpenAI, in February. The race to invest in AI companies is similar in many ways to the past nuclear arms race but instead of countries trying to outdo one another, venture capital firms are outbidding one another to get in on the latest AI projects. One thing seems certain, venture capitalists’ fascination with AI will continue to grow as AI becomes more and more mainstream.


N/VISNIUM AI is a cutting-edge AI company that combines the power of analysts, artificial intelligence, quantum computers, and super-data technologies to transform companies and make them attractive for venture capital funding. Their AI technology combined with their super-data technology allows N/VISNIUM AI’s analysts to see what lies ahead and discover new opportunities. Their skilled analysts can identify exciting AI applications tailored to companies’ needs. Their Equity Team can package companies and present them to major funding groups seeking new AI centric companies. More information can be found at

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