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365 Days of FindingWendy – An Inspiring and Empowering Self-Help Book For Women

365 Days of FindingWendy – An Inspiring and Empowering Self-Help Book For Women

May 11
16:34 2023

Author Wendy Palmer has released a live account of her journey in her latest book, “365 Days of #FindingWendy”, sharing her experiences of facing divorce, grief, menopause, and empty nest syndrome, among other issues that women face in their lives.

In the wake of her divorce, Wendy had no friendship group to confide in and turned to TikTok to document her daily journey of coping with life’s challenges. As her story resonated with others, Wendy realised she could inspire and help others facing similar situations.

365 Days of #FindingWendy” is a self-help journey that takes readers through Wendy’s reflections on each day, her feelings and emotions, and how she coped with them. The book offers a beacon of hope to anyone struggling with similar issues, emphasising that it’s okay not to be okay and that it’s important to let out anger and grief as long as one keeps moving forward. Wendy’s journey of self-discovery didn’t just involve emotional healing but also led her to new experiences and personal growth. She challenged herself by jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet and travelling abroad for work and holiday, enjoying new experiences. Wendy also rediscovered her love for fitness and outdoor activities, including paddleboarding and snowboarding, which is how she met her new partner.

“But mostly, I have discovered that to be truly happy, I needed to love myself first and foremost,” says Wendy. “And this book is that journey and how I made it through.”

The memoir is a testament to the power of resilience and self-reflection. Wendy’s journey from feeling suicidal to living life to the fullest at 55 is a testament to the strength and power of the human spirit. The author inspires readers to follow her through 365 days as she highlights how she coped with different life adversities. “No stone will be left unturned,” Palmer promises as she takes readers through each day’s challenges and triumphs with humour and sensitivity. She hopes to make readers laugh, cry, and focus on moving forward.

“365 Days of #FindingWendy” is a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration and guidance through life’s ups and downs. It is available for purchase in major online bookstores.

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