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The Real King of Miami: The story of convicted murderer Ray “Li’l Ray” Thompson

The Real King of Miami: The story of convicted murderer Ray “Li’l Ray” Thompson

May 11
16:42 2023

True crime novels are in the time frame of a renaissance. This genre has been popular for quite a long time because the infamous convicted murderers leave a dark legacy of their deeds behind that is followed and picked up by a passionate author. For many people, true crime novels hit differently than fictional psychological crime books. Maybe it’s because non-fiction crime novels depict the darkness and the profoundness that can lurk in the human spirit and enthuse them to commit heinous acts and murders — or maybe the empathy for families and victims inspires the artists to pen down exciting true crime stories. Whatsoever the reason for adoring non-fiction crime books, there might be no better time to devour your mind into the riveting biographies of convicted murderers.

“The Real King of Miami: The story of convicted murderer Ray “Li’l Ray” Thompson” by author Eric Sande is an enthralling non-fiction biography about a notorious criminal legend Lil Ray Thompson. The story follows the events of a man who had all the riches of the world, more money than he could ever imagine, luxury cars, grand villas, and women. All these things rank high in the societal world. But then, where did things go wrong…? Lil Ray spent 15 years on death row in strike FL. The account follows a sequence of interviews of Lil Ray taken by the author, who later shared a close bond with the criminal. Lil Ray narrated many events in his life to Eric, from his first joint to becoming the top player in the 1970s and 80s Miami drug scene.

“The Real King of Miami” by Eric Sande is a fascinating non-fiction crime book that unravels the ups and downs of one of South Florida’s largest drug dealers. Eric has flawlessly penned down the entire life story of the convicted murderer with immense profoundness that captures the essence of the true crime drama, presents the facts without exaggeration or glee, and lets the readers tap into dark and eerie words of drug smuggling and brutal murders.

The book has taken the market by storm, with early readers praising Eric’s ability to capture the depth of the non-fiction criminal world. “The Real King of Miami” is now available in paperback and Kindle Edition formats on Amazon and other major retailers.

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