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New Online Game “Test Of Times” Challenges Users to Guess the Year of Historical Photos

New Online Game “Test Of Times” Challenges Users to Guess the Year of Historical Photos

May 15
15:15 2023

A new online game is taking the internet by storm. Test of Times, ( a new online game, is putting history buffs and casual learners alike to the test. In this daily game, users are presented with a historical photo and given three attempts to guess the year it was taken. Similar to the popular word game “Wordle,” users get three attempts to make their guess, and the game provides color-coded feedback to help them refine their guesses. 

The game is not only fun but also educational. Users must rely on their knowledge of history and visual cues in the photos to make educated guesses. The photos are from different parts of the world, depicting events, people, or places that are significant to world history. This helps users learn about the evolution of photography and the changes in technology and fashion over time. It also teaches users different facts about world events that they may have not previously known.  

Test of Times is suitable for users of all ages and skill levels. The three-attempt format with color-coded feedback is a great way to keep the game challenging while also providing users with helpful hints about their guesses. “The response to Test of Times has been incredible,” said the game’s creator, Marc Hopkins. “People love the challenge of guessing the year of the historical photos, and they’re learning a lot about history in the process. We’re excited to see how the game will continue to evolve and grow over time.” 

Test of Times is free to play and can be accessed on any device with an internet connection.  Users come back daily as a new photo is posted each day at 6am EST. Users can track their stats, compete to be on the leaderboard and share their individual guess boxes with family and friends. Test Of Times (Also known as TOT) offers users a fun and engaging way to learn about history while also challenging themselves to make accurate deductions about the past. It’s a great way to exercise critical thinking skills while also enjoying a fascinating visual journey through time. 

For more information or to start playing, visit the Test of Times website at

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