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Buzzworks Films Launches as the New Corporate Video Production Service in Malaysia

Buzzworks Films Launches as the New Corporate Video Production Service in Malaysia

May 16
07:10 2023
Buzzworks Films has launched in Malaysia, offering various video production services and a team of experts trusted by global brands.

Buzzworks Films, a new corporate video production service provider, has launched in Malaysia, bringing its award-winning video production team to the market. The company offers services like Film Production, TV Commercials, documentaries, Promo Videos, and Explainer Videos. The team is an expert in Motion Graphics, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, and Visual Effects.

Both co-founders of Buzzworks Films, have years of experience in the video production industry. They have assembled a team of experts passionate about creativity, technology, and storytelling. Their expertise has enabled Buzzworks Films to work with many global brands such as Shell, Volvo, RHB, Izuzu, OSk, Public Bank, Samsung, DHL, Sunsweet, etc.

The co-founders are excited about the launch of the company and the opportunity to share their passion for video production with the Malaysian market. “We both are thrilled to launch Buzzworks Films in Malaysia. Moreover, our team of experts is also passionate about creating visually stunning videos that tell compelling stories,” said the co-founder. “We’re very confident that our expertise, experience, and creativity will help us become Malaysia’s leading corporate video production service provider in no time,”  one of the co-founder added. 

Corporate videos are an excellent way to market a business. They can promote a product or service, showcase a company’s culture, or provide educational content. Buzzworks Films understands the importance of video marketing and is committed to delivering videos that are not only visually stunning but also tell a compelling story. With a focus on creativity, technology, and storytelling, Buzzworks Films creates visually stunning videos that engage audiences and tell compelling stories. Globally recognized brands trust the company’s services and are an effective way to market businesses and elevate their brand image.

Buzzworks Films strongly emphasizes attention to detail to ensure that every video produced is of the highest quality and accurately conveys the intended message. The company’s unique collaborative approach to working with clients helps to understand their needs, preferences, and vision. This indirectly helps the company deliver videos that exceed clients’ expectations and effectively communicate their message. With a strong reputation for timely delivery and meeting budgets, corporate clients can rest assured that their content will be produced and delivered promptly without compromising quality. Most importantly, Buzzworks Films also offers competitive pricing to ensure clients receive the best value for their investment in corporate video production.

Budding entrepreneurs can visit the official website of Buzzworks Films to check out their portfolio and see how they can creatively help elevate business brands with their high-quality video production services.

About the Company:

Buzzworks Films is a new corporate video production service provider in Malaysia, offering Film Production, TV Commercial, Documentary, Promo Video, and Explainer Video services as Motion Graphics, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, and Visual Effects expertise.

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