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Author Dr. Batya Casper’s “Israela: Final Edition” is a poignant novel that brings a fresh and essential outlook on Israel

Author Dr. Batya Casper’s “Israela: Final Edition” is a poignant novel that brings a fresh and essential outlook on Israel

May 19
11:27 2023
An important novel that invites an understanding of the Israel-Palestine conflict, “Israela: Final Edition” is a remarkable book that is both fearless and gentle.

Author Dr. Batya Casper offers a “story of secrets and alienation, yet also of hope and heroism” in her book, “Israela,” which explores the complex history and cultural nuance of Israel and its Arabic neighbors, particularly the tragic ongoing conflict with Palestine. 

Batya places facts in the form of three women’s perspectives and stories, and the challenges finally become understandable. The lives of three women interweave with the tale of Israel. Ratiba, a journalist, turns her back on her heritage to wed an Israeli Arab. Orit, her sister, is an actor who lives alone and longs for her lost sister. Meanwhile, Elisheva is a nurse who devotes her life to the wounded and the dying. 

Throughout the book, Ratiba, Orit, and Elisheva have to live really complex lives and make extremely complex decisions along the way.

In a review on Amazon, Albert, one of the readers, described it as an “excellent book, with a great story and a really well-developed plot.”

“All of [the sisters] will live incredible situations in which, as this story progresses, they will be forced to take extremely difficult decisions, which will make you realize the horrors of war and the difficulties and hardships that many people have to live, but at the same time it is a story of courage and hope that will make you vibrate and feel a great multitude of emotions and feelings,” said Albert.

Anastasia S., another reader, described “Israela” does an excellent job of showing how everyday people’s lives and loves are affected by corrupt politicians creating strife where none need exist.

“Worthy of note is that certainly all of the main characters have considerable flaws but are all doing their best in ridiculous circumstances, through innocence, hope, strife, conflict, and resolution,” writes Anastasia.

Veritas Vincit, another reader, hailed Toth for presenting a unique book that reveals new perspectives on the Israel-Palestine conflict, which is one of the world’s most enduring conflicts,

“Dr. Casper writes with a partisanship that is impressive, but also grounded in compassion. The women who drive this story forward are three-dimensional, flawed and deeply relatable, despite their at times disparate views of life and proper behavior. The language is direct and to the point, with few flairs of imagery or unnecessary descriptions. Despite that, the scene-building is effective, transporting readers without burying them in detail,” writes Vincit.

Those who want to grab a copy of “Israela: Final Edition” by author Dr. Batya Casper may purchase it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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