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Introducing “Doggy Caviar” For Pampering Pups

Introducing “Doggy Caviar” For Pampering Pups

May 25
03:03 2023
Introducing "Doggy Caviar" For Pampering Pups
The Good Bone’s “Doggy Caviar” combines locally sourced pasture-raised broth and organic nori into hand-crafted pearls that are densely packed with essential nutrients for dogs.

New York, New York – May 24, 2023 – In advance of expanding nationwide next year, The Good Bone is unveiling its flagship Doggy Caviar product for New York City residents this summer. The new brand is squarely focused on striking the right balance of luxury and accessibility, with a special focus on optimal nutrition.

Unlike human caviar, The Good Bone’s Doggy Caviar is hand-crafted into caviar-like pearls using a combination of locally sourced pasture-raised broths and organic nori. Most importantly, it’s loaded with essential nutrients and performs especially well for picky pups with sensitive stomachs and joint issues.

Doggy Caviar comes in Duck, Chicken, and Beef-based recipes, with premium fresh black truffle versions of each. Every recipe is packed with collagen, protein, iron, potassium, antioxidants, and vitamins A, C, and E. Hand-crafted with fresh ingredients, each jar lasts seven to ten days in the fridge. In early testing, dog parents have enjoyed using it as a nutritious topper, a luxurious treat, or a unique addition to lick mats. It can even be frozen for pups that enjoy crunchy textures!

Looking beyond Doggy Caviar, The Good Bone is also testing a mousse-based recipe that is hand-crafted with nutrient-dense organ meats. In early testing, it has paired well with frozen lick mats that can occupy your pup for long periods of time. The company believes that the one-two punch of caviar and mousse has the makings of a brand-new category of luxurious superfoods for pups.

The company will unveil its flagship Doggy Caviar product at a series of pop-ups this summer followed by a full-scale launch in the Fall. The nutrient-packed pearls will exclusively be available for New York City residents at launch, with plans to expand into other key markets next year.

You can join the waitlist at to reserve your spot for their launch this Fall and to get notified about special pop-up events all summer.

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