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Cid Carver of CX4 Discusses the Pros of Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign for a Small Business or Startup

Cid Carver of CX4 Discusses the Pros of Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign for a Small Business or Startup

June 08
00:39 2023
Crowdfunding consultant and expert Cid Carver recently reviewed the benefits of utilizing crowdfunding for a new business idea. Her 15 years of experience help formulate a comprehensive review of what one can expect when sourcing funding from potential customers.

When beginning a new business, even if one has a brilliant idea that one knows will go far, the most challenging piece is finding the funding needed to get going. It doesn’t matter how great an idea is if one doesn’t have the financial ability to purchase materials, pay for advertising, pay employees, and even pay to ship the product to new customers.  

Many small businesses and startups turn to crowdfunding campaigns to raise the money they need to get going. Those who are about to reach that step in the process might wonder what the pros and cons of using this resource to pay for their business costs are.  

Cid Carver has helped raise millions of dollars in funding across numerous businesses to get their ideas out there. With more than a decade and a half of experience in this field, she is the expert on why someone should choose to go in this direction.  

The Pros of a Crowdfunding Campaign 

Cid Carver first begins with how platforms that host these campaigns, such as Indiegogo, don’t charge an upfront fee. They only get paid when funding is raised. This means there are no starter funds needed to get going with a crowdfunding campaign.

These platforms have also created a large community of early adapters that are searching for great new opportunities, businesses, and products to invest in. 

Crowdfunding campaigns give a great opportunity to test messaging and the response to a product, before it is fully launched. By getting feedback and seeing honest responses to messaging and products before they are launched, it is easy to make adjustments to ensure the business or product is catching the attention of the right audience. 

A properly created and advertised crowdfunding campaign not only raises funds needed to start a business or idea but also makes an existing customer base before the product is even released. All of the people who donate are signed up to receive consistent updates about the progress of the business. Many have signed up to receive that product when it is ready. This large group of people can be counted on as customers as they help get the business going.  

What CX4 and Cid Carver can help with 

Cid Carver helps eliminate some of those cons by aiding in the building and advertising of a campaign. Her assistance has helped many businesses successfully launch with funding that exceeded their goals. As an expert on crowdfunding campaigns, her knowledge and assistance are invaluable to anyone looking to start their own campaign and get the funding they need to launch their business. 

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