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Author Dr. Batya Casper Brings an Important Novel That Invites an Understanding of the Israel-Palestine Conflict in the Top-Rated Book, “Israela: Final Edition.”

Author Dr. Batya Casper Brings an Important Novel That Invites an Understanding of the Israel-Palestine Conflict in the Top-Rated Book, “Israela: Final Edition.”

June 09
20:30 2023
Author Dr. Batya Casper conveys a beautifully written book that provides a window into finally understanding the lasting friction between Israel and Palestine. The book, which brings a lesson in empathy toward the sacrifices others make, is a superb novel that deserves extensive attention.

Dr. Batya Casper, a renowned author globally, is able to weave an incredible story about the conflict between the Israelis and Arabs, Jews and Muslims while at the same time diving deep into the ongoing and painful conflict in her highly regarded book, “Israela: Final Edition.”

In the book, Dr. Casper recognizes and explores the intricate history and cultural nuance of Israel and its neighbors, especially the wretched conflict with Palestine. In placing the facts in the form of three women’s perspectives and stories, the challenges finally become comprehensible. 

“As their lives unfold, the three women find themselves facing choices they would never have envisioned. In my heart, I call to their mothers, ‘Take your sons to your houses. Bind them to your chairs: gag them, blindfold them if necessary until they grow calm,” the book’s summary states.

In a review on Amazon, Grady Harp, one of the readers, described “Israela: Final Edition” as a story of secrets and alienation, yet also of hope and heroism.

“It is about Arabs who save Jews from disaster and Jews who heal Arabs. It is the story of everyday people torn and desperately searching for the right path. Here, the ancient pulsates in present time and the biblical holds prominence with the secular. Beneath this modern-day drama unfolds the story of a land and its people, revealing the historical trajectory of two peoples, victims and perpetrators of a biblical curse,” Harp wrote.

Veritas Vincit, another reader, lauded the author for offering a unique book that is both fearless and gentle and reveals new perspectives on this perennial debate. 

“Discussing intimate challenges, such as the rifts that can form in families over religion and the bonds of love, Dr. Casper writes with a partisanship that is impressive, but also grounded in compassion. The women who drive this story forward are three-dimensional, flawed and deeply relatable, despite their at times disparate views of life and proper behavior. The language is direct and to the point, with few flairs of imagery or unnecessary descriptions. Despite that, the scene-building is effective, transporting readers without burying them in detail,” writes Vincit.

The author does this by placing readers in emotionally visceral positions throughout their reading journey. In many parts, they are urged to think differently, judge less harshly, and check their own choices of love and loyalty.

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